2018 ABSC President's report

22 Oct 2018


We have experienced a year full of changes on the International scene with the formation of World Snooker Federation. (WSF) This body has been formed by the World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association, (WPBSA) as a means for amateur players to qualify for a two year main tour spot. It, as yet, is not recognised by the World Confederation of Billiard Sports, (WCBS) but there is progress being made to form an agreement with the International Billiards & Snooker Federation, (IBSF) to work together within the WCBS. Once this happens we will have a direct pathway into the 2024 Olympic Games which will be held in Paris. Let us hope that this can be achieved.

Last year I lodged a motion at the AGM of the IBSF which stated:-

"That the member countries of the Oceania Billiards & Snooker Federation strongly desire that the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) and the International Billiards and Snooker Federation (IBSF) should be working in total accord, and to this end, requires that our IBSF Representatives make every effort to reunite the parties, and be on record as voting accordingly".

I read the motion which was received with thunderous applause.

Jason Ferguson was at the meeting and reported that the IBSF and WPBSA were close to finding a resolution and as a result of his remarks I withdrew the motion.

We are now nine months down the track and still no resolution but hopefully a meeting between the two bodies in October prove to be fruitful.

My discussions with the Australian Eight Ball Federation, (AEBF) and Australian Players Pool Federation, (APPF) have not produced the outcome I wanted. I am still working on the project and hope to have some positive news soon.

Juniors were in the spotlight again in 2018 with the Mitchell Junior Teams Challenge and Australian junior championships held at Snooker SA, Adelaide.

Queensland A team defeated Victoria in the Teams challenge

Mark Fridman (Vict) defeated Kyle Thomson (Qld) in the U/18 Snooker

Hayden Goode (Qld) defeated Kyle Thomson in the U/18 Billiards

Harry Mok (Qld) defeated Rory Jowett (SA) in the U/15 Snooker

Harry Mok (Qld) defeated Jack Green (Vic) in the U/15 Billiards

Ambrose Adeney (Qld) defeated Lily Meldrum (Qld) in the U/12 Snooker

Teah Raeburn (Vic) defeated Sarah Moeahu in the U/18 girls Snooker

Huge thanks to Bob Turpin and all the parents for their assistance in running these events.

I wish to congratulate all those who took part in the championships hope to see them all at Albury next year.

Matt Curwood won both the U/21 Snooker and Billiards this year at the Brunswick Club.

Matt, a relative newcomer, is predominately an eight-ball player but demonstrates enormous potting skills. I hope Matt continues to play both billiards and snooker as he has proved to be one of our outstanding prospects.

Steve Mifsud is again proving to be one of our greatest players. He won the RACV Club National Snooker for the eighth time defeating Charlie Chafe 6-5 in the final. Steve has now equalled Max Williams long standing record in winning eight national snooker championships. More recently Steve came to Adelaide to play in the Pot Black where he met Max for the first time. A real highlight for Steve and a rare occasion for us to see Max once again.

Matt Bolton once again proved that he is one of the greatest billiard players Australia has produced. Matt continues to dominate billiards nationally and his focus now is to become the #1 player in the world. Good luck Matt and I am sure you will achieve your dream sooner rather than later.

We continue to enjoy sponsorship from our Sponsor of Record, Consolidated Leisure and Sport. Ray Atwell and his company CL&S have been supplying Strachan cloth and sponsorship money for many years now and we are truly thankful for their continued support.

Chris Christofi and his company the Reventon Group has also been a great supporter of our game. Chris supports the National Snooker Championships, City of Melbourne, Lance Pannell Classic and the Reventon rankings finals

Venues which have supported us during the year are, Launceston Worker Club: Mounties; Mingara; Blacktown Workers Club; Snooker SA; Commercial Club Albury; RACV Club Melbourne; The Brunswick Club; Yarraville Club; Club Marconi; Pot Black Family Pool Centre; Bribie Island Sports Club, Redcliffe Snooker Club, the Builders Club Illawarra and the Brisbane Tattersall's Club. A huge thank you to these clubs and to all ABSC affiliated states for their support.

The Oceania Championships will be split up next year giving member countries an opportunity to host some events.

The Open, Women's and 6 Red will be held at Mounties from March 9th to 17th inclusive. The winner of the Open will be offered a two year main tour spot and the winner of the 6 Reds will qualify to play in the Sangsom 6 Red Championships in Thailand later next year.

New Zealand has offered to run the Masters and U/21 snooker in February and the Billiards in September. It will be interesting to see what support the players give to these events.

Thanks to all the referees and officials who have given their time and efforts in making the year a success. Thanks to Adam Wyard in providing us with our website and the extra work he contributes behind the scene in programming and completing the draws of ranking tournaments. I would like to take this opportunity to also thank Theresa Whitten for the enormous workload she has taken on for the ABSC and the professional way she handles it. Unfortunately we lost the services of Theresa a couple of months ago due to an employment change. I take this opportunity to thank her for her support and friendship.

Barry Jenner has stepped into the role as "acting secretary" and has contributed enormously. Barry has rewritten our constitution and many other documents and has been a major contributor in making a pathway for our sport to go forward. Many thanks Barry for the hard work you have given us.

Thanks to Executive Members for their contribution over the past year. This coming year we will see some changes in the Board with the retirement of some members. I would like to thank those retiring for their contribution and wish them well in their time away from the ABSC.To the incoming Board members I welcome you and thank you for putting your hand up to assist us in growing our sport.

Finally, thanks to those members who have supported me during my tenure as President.

It has, and always will be, a most challenging role. Building strong relationships with our sponsors, but still having to spend considerable time attempting to resolve complaints from players which we continually face.

Let us all contribute in making 2019 the most successful year in the history of the ABSC.

Frank Dewens

President ABSC 2014 - 2018